A.B. Biller 9/32" Floridian Shaft W/ Slide Ring

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  • Spring stainless steel
  • Heat treated to Rockwell 44C
  • Unique combination of hardnes and spring tension
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Brand A.B. Biller

All A.B. Biller shafts are stainless spring steel manufactured from a special alloy originally developed for the U.S. Navy. Heat treated to Rockwell 44C, these shafts produce a unique combination of hardness and spring tension. Line shafts 42" and longer come with 3 grooves to accommodate 3 bands if desired. Choose from a 5/16 diameter or 9/32 diameter. These shafts also fit the Seahornet spearguns. 

A 9/32” heat treated speed shaft provides power, accuracy and extended range. Two diametrically opposed barbs, directly mounted at the tip of the shaft, reduce drag by 40% and assure maximum speed and accurate long range shots.

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