Aqualung Calypso O2 Oxygen Regulator

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  • Assembled in a dedicated clean room to ensure suitability for higher oxygen percentage applications
  • Rigorous adiabatic compression testing to ensure compatibility with high oxygen percentages
  • Distinctive green yoke knob and dedicated purge button decal clearly identify Calypso O2 as a dedicated, oxygen-cleaned regulator

The Calypso O2 regulator has all the same features and benefits of the popular Calypso regulator, with the added bonus of being designed and built for use with breathing gasses containing oxygen percentages between 40 - 100%. The Calypso O2 is an excellent choice for technical divers in need of a shallow-water regulator capable of operating with a high O2 percentage.

WARNING: Do not attempt to use this product with enriched air until you have obtained training from a nationally recognized training agency in nitrox use with mixtures containing greater than 40% O2 by volume.

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