C4 Blue Flap VGR Fin

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  • Made from 100% Megaforce T700 carbon fiber
  • New large square aggressive texture
  • DPC Double Parabolic Curve 
  • 29 degree angle blades
  • Three stiffnesses available

The world of C4 fins can be identified by two product types: traditional footpocket fins and anatomical footpocket fins. We divided both of these categories into two sub-categories: fins with concave terminal (RED Falcon / FUEGO) and fins with convex terminal (BLU FLAP / Mustang3). So we have a total of four different fin types. 

The BLU FLAP are the evolution of the type "traditional footpockets with convex terminal" and they adopt similar concepts to the RED FALCON. The new attractive design, the foot-blade angle up to 29 °, length of 870mm, width of 205mm and water rails with a constant section. Changes to the lamination have also resulted in the DPC (Double Parabolic Curve) effect. DPC is now a "must" for all C4 carbon fins. The BLUE FLAP are made of 100% carbon Megaforce T700, sporting the new large square fabric texture with its aggressive look. Three stiffness levels are available: 25 soft - 30 medium - 40 hard. Thanks to DPC curvature and the 29° angle, the performance of BLU FLAP is much higher than those of the previous Flap VGR.

As with the RED FALCON, the BLU FLAP's angle increase to 29 ° allows the diver to advance maintaining a more hydrodynamic "straight" shape with a lower front section, which leads to a considerable reduction in drag. Obviously this is particularly noticeable in vertical motion, during descents and ascents, and somewhat less noticeable during horizontal swimming. The goal of the project, as usual with our blades, is to increase the efficiency of the "vertical" phase, which is by far the most important part of the dive and something that has been made possible by the angle increase

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