C4 Mustang 729 Carbon Fins

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  • 100% Megaforce T700 carbon fiber, 40% more resistant than standard carbon fiber weaves
  • 29° of inclination of the blades (compared to 25° previously)
  • Adjustable, pre-formed anatomical foot pocket
  • Convex fin tips add extra power and reduce turbulence coming off the blade
  • Blades extend to the heel of the foot, resulting in excellent energy transmission
  • Double Parabolic Curve (DPC) optimizes curving of the blades during kick
  • Shaped water rails optimizes the fin's ability to channel water over the blade

More and more extreme, fast and amazing. The 729 MUSTANG’s are the fourth evolution of the Mustang project born in 2006. The name, itself consisting of 700, just like the new T700 carbon with large square fabrics that it is made of and 29, just live the degrees of the new inclination of the blades (25° inclination of the previous ones), says a lot about these exclusive fins.

An essential and extremely personal design characterises the 729 MUSTANG, the result of years of study and research applied to biomechanics. Utmost use of energy available finds its best possible application in the 729 MUSTANG.

The 729 MUSTANG’s simply represent the very best of what fins can offer to the most demanding of skin divers in terms of performance, efficiency and speed. The end flap makes the 729 MUSTANG, fins that favour utmost speed, in harmony with the demands of spear fishing. The advanced concepts that lie at the basis of the Mustang project make the real difference, as in any creation, the materials are only a part of the performance, the real difference lies in how they are used.

The new blades coupled with C4 footpoket, anatomical and preformed 3°, make their real inclination between the foot and the blade to a total of 32° for a level of performance and fluidity of the fins that in any other case is impossible. In order to use all of the energy in the best possible way, the 729 MUSTANG’s apply strength to the blade from underneath the metatarsus, the ideal point of strength. In this way it is possible to apply strength with as little commitment as possible, this is the real heart of the 729 MUSTANG system that the new 32° inclination makes extremely highly performing.

Through the C4 anatomical footpoket, preformed and adjustable, the energy produced by our muscles is discharged in an extremely effective way on the 100% carbon blade, Megaforce T700.

Thanks to the anatomical footpoket, available in 5 different sizes, the dispersion of energy for undesired tolerance between shoe and foot, is at the lowest possible levels. Efficiency is pursued wherever maximum performance is required and the anatomical footpoket are the very best solution to achieve this. The 729 MUSTANG blades are extended into the shoe, right up to the heel, allowing for an excellent level of energy transmission.

More than twenty years of studies, of worldwide research and experience are transferred to the curve of the blades of the 729 MUSTANG with second generation double parabolic curve D.P.C., now developed and optimized by means of an intelligent lamination of the layers of carbon, duly dimensioned and positioned.

The D.P.C curve optimises curving of the blades and the quantity of water processed second by second in accordance with the EVO water rails and according to the availability of strength produced by the combination of our muscles with articulations.

Energy savings have reached unique levels, all to the advantage of speed and therefore to our free diving and safety. The less tired we become, the safer we are: this is the condition of passive safety to be pursued at all times.

In the 729 MUSTANG’s everything is useful for perfect operation, such as the EVO water rails with their unusual design and end flat, the result of years of research and perfection. The elements integrate perfectly in the essential design of the 729 MUSTANG’s where everything speaks about performance.

The 729 MUSTANG’s are equipped with shaped water rails, with progressive deformation EVO, patented by C4. The EVO water rails, fitted with a new variable profile that channels water on the blades in the best possible way, creating a partial “tunnel” effect in the end section. This effect hugely improves the break of the screw thread fluids from the blade, reducing turbulence. The water that leaves the blade is contained and guided straight by the exclusive EVO’s, all to the advantage of speed. As a guarantee of duration, the EVO water rails are made from an anti-abrasion rubber band.

Even the new end flap optimises detachment of the screw thread fluids from the blade, minimising harmful vortexes in the sections of highest speed of the fluid. Its special shape avoids contacts with the shallow waters, as the blades fitted with flaps and therefore without side corners, have less space and therefore they have less impact on the sea floor in terms of the uneven movements requested by spear fishing.

The 729 MUSTANG’s have blades that are specifically symmetrical, due to the highly superior mechanical and dynamic efficiency of this solution that is completely free of energy dispersion and due to greater mechanical breaking-torsion loading, typical of any possible asymmetries in shape.

Less important loading also guarantees greater duration in the composite time. Asymmetry can be found when it expresses its function to the best, or in the preformed anatomical shoes.

The 729 MUSTANG’s are made from 100% carbon Megaforce T700, a fiber that is 40% more resistant compared with a standard one. They create a high level of resistance and excellent elasticity. The new weave of the T700 Megaforce carbon with large squares, drastically reduces the number of intersections of the weaving that cause viscose friction in the fabric itself. As it is less stiff in weaving, the carbon thread of the 729 MUSTANG’s can express its exceptional elastic characteristics and low energy absorption in the best possible way.

The blades of the 729 MUSTANG are connected to the footpocket by means of a simple coupling that is blocked by two special screws that cannot be released, providing a guarantee to the mechanical seal and energy transmission. If necessary for transport, the 729 MUSTANG’s, just like all of the C4 fins that adopt our preformed anatomical footpoket, are very easy to dismantle, therefore reducing the space that they occupy and also the primary cause for damage in airplane transportation.

The measurements of the 729 MUSTANG blades are 855 x 196 mm, the corner of the blades is 29° + 3° of performing of the anatomical shoe = 32° real inclination of the foot-blade.

The 729 MUSTANG’s are available in five sizes of the anatomical footpokets: 39/40 - 41/42 - 43/44 - 45/46 - 47/48. The blades are manufactured in three levels of rigidity: 25 ( soft ) 30 ( medium ) and 40 ( hard ).

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