Deep Apnea S-Glass Mahi Edition Fins

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  • Comes with Omer Stingray foot pockets
  • Smooth Matte surface.
  • "Mini-T" shape side rails.
  • Available in Soft, Medium and Hard Stiffness.
  • The desing is not a Vinyl skin, it is printed inside of the fiber and is part of the molding process.
  • These fins are recomended for any Freediver or Spearfisherman who want to enjoy confort and performance.
More Information
Brand Deep Apnea

The S-Glass blade Mahi Mahi Edition is 85cm long and 20cm wide. The side T shape rails are just 1cm tall reducing the weight on the tip of the fin. This Fins compare to a normal Fiber Glass fins has a better performance because of the S-Glass. This fins and can be use for Freediving, Spearfishing at any depth.

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