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Exposure Protection

Here you will find everything you need to keep yourself protected from the elements. We have wetsuits ranging from 0.5mm up to 5mm thick, for both diving and freediving. We also have a large selection of gloves, hoods, boots, socks, and vests for protection and warmth, all of which are available in our store for you to try on and find the best fit.

There are two main types of neoprene in wetsuits: open cell and closed cell. Open cell means that the inside of the wetsuit is not lined with a lycra or nylon material like a traditional scuba or surfing wetsuit. The advantage of this is that the wetsuit is usually stretchier and conforms to the body better, resulting in a better fit and warmer suit. The disadvantage is of course the durability of open cell neoprene; it is very easy to rip or tear the suit when putting it on or taking it off. To minimize this risk, it is necessary to use lube when putting on an open cell wetsuit. It is also best to keep your nails short, and take off any jewelry including rings, necklaces, and bracelets prior to putting the open cell suit on.

Look for the stretchiest , most comfortable suit in your price range.  The added warmth and flexibility that a good freediving wetsuit will give you can make a significant difference on your diving.  Stretchier wetsuits are best because they minimize resistance placed on the diver's chest, thereby minimizing oxygen consumption and allowing for longer bottom times. Most importantly, we invest in a good freediving wetsuit for our safety.  When the freediver is properly weighted, the buoyancy provided by the wetsuit can be used to minimize the effort on the ascent and conserve energy and oxygen at the end of the dive.