Headhunter Showstopper Slip Tip System For Pole Spear

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  • Includes Showstopper slip tip rigged with cable
  • Riffe-style injector rod
  • Tip retaining band kit
  • Will fit any 6mm female polespear including Riffe

There has been a tremendous amount of interest from Headhunter customers regarding our tip system and which pole spears it will work with. One of the easiest spears to adapt to is the Riffe pole spear. Both the Headhunter and the Riffe Pole Spears use a 6mm male thread on the tips, the reverse of what is found on most pole spears. The only difference is that the Headhunter spear has a small set screw to keep the tip from coming loose and needing constant tightening.

So now, in addition to being able to adapt to Gatku and Lance Ohara spears(3/8" male polespear thread), we now offer tips that will work with the Riffe style pole spears(6mm female pole spear thread). This kit can be used with or without the included retaining band system. This kit includes the following:

SHOWSTOPPER slip tip rigged with cable
SHOWSTOPPER Riffe-style injector rod
Tip retaining band kit

This kit is a complete aftermarket slip tip system for any 6mm female polespear, including the Riffe. Just slide on the rubber retention band kit, then screw on your injector rod. Done. You now have the world's best pole spear tip on your favorite pole spear.

And the best part is that it is modular. If you want a new slip tip, you can buy it separately. The same goes for the injector rod or the 6mm adapter. So if you lose or break part of the Tip Kit, you don't have to pay for an entire Tip Kit, just the part you need.

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