Headhunter Spearfishing Flasher

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  • Three large double sided mirrors
  • Near-neutral buoyancy
  • Shaped mirrors help avoid tangling
  • Works well in bluewater as well as reef fishing

The new Headhunter/Kirkconnell flasher is designed to make using a flasher much easier. Three Large double sided mirrors have near-neutral buoyancy to allow for long and bright flashes. The mirrors are shaped and placed in such a way as to help avoid tangling on each other. And a bright colored squid at the bottom helps bring the fish in the last few feet. This setup allows easy deployment/retrieval and also makes it easier to swim the flasher to where you need it to be.

This flasher not only work well in bluewater but on the reef too. We have had plenty of grouper and snapper come up from the bottom for it. As well as mackerel, Pompano, wahoo, amber jack, etc. The large mirrored surfaces produce a super bright flash that can be seen by fish even in very murky conditions.

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Weight 1.0000
Item Width 1
Item Height 1
Brand Headhunter
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