OMER Performer 2 18mm Threaded Speargun Bands

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  • Made of 100% natural latex rubber
  • High power w/ excellent UV protection
  • Brown coating over amber
  • Small inner diameter (ID) for secure wishbones
  • Grivory GV5H fittings feature exclusive wrench fitting shape to make it easier to screw and unscrew

2-color coextruded bands are available in 14mm, 16mm and 18mm diameters. High performance amber on the inside with a brown color on the outside for added protection from UV rays. O.ME.R. uses gravity extrusion to maintain constant diameter and mechanical properties of the band. Ideal for guns with 2 or 3 bands for an easy upgrade to extremely high performance.

Size Chart

16cm - 60cm model
17cm - 75cm model
18cm - 75cm model
19cm - 75cm model
20cm - 90cm model
21cm - 90cm model
22cm - 90cm model
23cm - 90cm model
24cm - 100cm model
25cm - 100cm model
26cm - 100cm model
27cm - 100cm model
28cm - 115cm model
29cm - 115cm model
30cm - 115cm model
31cm - 115cm model
32cm - 130cm model

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Brand Omer
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