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Salvimar Acid Green 16mm (5/8”) Speargun Rubber P/FT


  • 16MM (5/8") Diameter
  • 380% Maximum Stretch
  • Reduction of Recoil
  • Multi-Layer Structure Provides Excellent Memory

Salvimar presents the truly innovative A-Boost Rubber.

Usually bands are produced by coextrusion, this means that the rubber passes through a die that gives it the tubular shape we all know. The A-boost instead is produced by dipping, in other words the band takes on the final shape through several different dips creating a multilayer structure.

This manufacturing difference gives the product an excellent “memory” even after being stretched for long time.  This new product is only available in 16mm due to the different method of manufacturing.

The shaft is not launched but it is progressively accompanied out. The main advantage of this is the extreme reduction of recoil.

The recommended maximum stretching is 380%.  Sold by the foot

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August 2016

Authentic SALVIMAR Boost

Age Range: 26-34
Gender: male
How Long Have You Been Using This Product: 4-6 months

Salvimar's green rubber is really a much better rubber even for the price than conventional rubber. I tried the Hatch Green Rubber which is junk, the Salvimar Green Rubber is progressive (meaning it rebounds equally without being explosive) and smooth release. It's easier to load, stretches more, and tires less. If you look around you'll see that Hatch and sells a green rubber too trying to ride the Salvimar wave. Don't be fooled, it's not the color, it's the rubber. Look for the Salvimar A Boost and Z BBoost (14mm version) name brand.

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