SCUBA Course - Group Classes

Austin's has partnered with Naturally Nautical Diving to offer high-quality group scuba classes for a very competitive rate. Naturally Nautical's courses now offer E-Learning, so you can learn at your own pace, when and where you feel most comfortable. Classes start every 3 weeks and run from Sunday to Sunday. Cost is $500 and includes rental equipment and dive site fees. You are responsible for your own snorkeling gear (mask, fins, snorkel). Continue below for more information!

Why Naturally Nautical

Naturally Nautical is an SDI Training Facility that provides high quality group dive instruction. Now partnered with Austin’s Diving Center to meet all of your training and equipment needs! Naturally Nautical provides instruction by an experienced working diver with a master’s degree in environmental education. Naturally Nautical not only provides training but also education with tested teaching methods.

What You'll Learn

As a certified diver, you will be comfortable with all basic diving skills and will be able to dive up to 60 feet anywhere in the world. You will understand the essentials of diving including dive planning, self-rescue, and navigation; as well as having a newfound appreciation for the underwater world.

How You'll Learn

You will learn to dive in a group setting with direct supervision from your instructor. Your academics will begin with online E-learning through the industry leading SDI online learning program. E-learning is followed by an academic lecture, where you will learn about the care and use of equipment as well as dive planning and decompression theory.

During the two pool sessions you will learn the hands-on skills of diving in a controlled environment with hands on attention from your instructor. These skills will be put together during the open water dives in a natural environment, but still with the supervision of your instructor.

Where You'll Learn

Academic lectures take place in a classroom setting provided by Austin’s Diving Center. Two pool sessions take place at AD Barnes Pool. Open water dives are at Jules Undersea Lodge on day one to provide a comfortable, controlled environment, and on a charter boat in the upper Florida Keys for the second day of open water diving.

When You'll Learn

Pool sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday evening while open water dives are conducted on Saturday and Sunday.

How to get Started

Click the link below and sign up for a scheduled course.

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Need More Information?

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