ScubaPro Laguna 2 Dry Snorkel

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  • Extremely ergonomic mouthpiece for added comfort. | Dry-top design prevents water entry into tube.
  • Purge valve at lowest point for effortless clearing. | Cellphone-style removable clip
  • Lightweight, patented dry snorkel valve design. | Dry valve automatically closes and opens upon water contact
  • Replaceable soft angled mouthpiece. | Smooth bore | Quick release, two piece snorkel keeper
  • Flexible, corrugated section drops snorkel from face when not in use | Easy clear, XL one-way lower purge valve

This lightweight LAGUNA 2 features an ergonomic mouthpiece that eliminates jaw fatigue when snorkeling long distances. It also features a flexible, corrugated lower section that is easy to use and drops away from the face when not needed.

But what puts the LAGUNA 2 head-and-shoulders above many other snorkels is its proprietary dry valve on the top of the barrel that immediately closes upon contact with water. This makes it incredibly easy to get a full breath of air immediately upon returning to the surface after a freedive descent. It also keeps water splashes out of the barrel when surface swimming.

On the lower end of the LAGUNA 2 you'll find a very efficient self-draining purge valve that makes quick work of dispelling any water drops that manage to find their way inside the snorkel. Put this lower purge together with the dry top and get ready for continuous dry breathing when out snorkeling or when surface swimming after a dive.

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Brand Scubapro
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