Sea Stinger Hoplite 64" Breakdown Pole Spear

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  • 64 overall assembled length (42 Disassembled)
  • Super light and strong carbon fiber shaft construction
  • Designed for precise control in close quarters
  • Perfect for reefs and wrecks or as a side arm
  • 6mm threaded tip

The Hoplite Pole Spear is a more compact version of our popular "Lightning Rod Pole Spear".

The Hoplite was designed with the wreck spearfisher in mind. With its shorter length and stationary power band, the Hoplite is easier to manipulate and control in tight quarters or under ledges. It is still, however, very effective at hitting targets in open water.

The Hoplite can be carried as a "sidearm" on scuba dives to collect smaller catches such as snapper, hogfish, triggerfish, and sheepshead, while saving your speargun shots for bigger game.

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Weight 4.000000
Item Width 1
Item Height 1
UPC 850000968172
Brand Sea Stinger
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