Regulator and Tank Service

It is important to keep your gear well-maintained and serviced on a regular basis. We have some of the most experienced technicians in the industry that can perform full service on your regulators, octopus, BCs and tanks.

We are an authorized service center for all regulators and BCs that we work on. Brands include Aqualung, US Divers, Atomic, Aeris, Sherwood, Mares, Poseidon, Oceanic, Zeagle, Scubapro and Subgear. See below for regulator and tank service pricing.

Service Prices

Regulator Overhaul
Regulator Overhaul (1st & 2nd Stage) $45 - $60 + parts
Regulator Overhaul w/ Octopus $60 - $80 + parts
Bench Check & Adjust $10 + parts
Nitrox Cleaning $15
BCD Service
Buoyancy Compensator $20 + parts
Buoyancy Compensator w/ Octopus $40 + parts
Tank Service
Visual Inspection (VIP) $10
Hydrostatic Test (Includes VIP) $45
Nitrox Cleaning $40

Regulator overhauls involve the complete disassembly of the regulator's 1st and 2nd stage, acid bath and rinse to clean off corrosion, and a complete reassemble using manufacturers' parts kits. Miscellaneous items such as hoses and mouthpieces will be inspected to ensure proper working order and if necessary, they will be replaced at an additional charge. Typical turnaround time on a regulator overhaul is 3-5 business days. Rush service is available at an additional charge.

Visual inspections are performed on the premises and while you wait. The tank valve is removed and a visual inspection is performed on the interior and exterior of the tank, including the neck, to verify the integrity of the metal. The tank valve is checked and the valve o-ring is replaced. A visual inspection sticker is then placed on the tank. These are good for one year.

Nitrox VIPs are the same as regular VIPs with the addition of using nitrox-compatible lubricant and o-rings.

Hydrostatic tests include visual inspection service. Tanks are left at our store and turnaround time is typically 3-7 days. Hydro tests check tank integrity by filling the cylinder with water to 5/3s its rated pressure. The tank is then checked for cracks as part of the hydro test and in the visual inspection that we perform afterward.

Air Fills

Austin's Diving Center uses the highest quality air filters that are regularly changed on a strict schedule to ensure the best possible air quality when filling your tanks. Our air is tested quarterly; we have been testing our air for quality since before it even became a requirement under Florida law in January 2000 (check below to see our air quality reports dating back to 2002.)

Unlike other stores, we bank both compressed air and nitrox so we can fill while you wait instead of having to come back at a later time. Air fills typically take 5-10 minutes and nitrox fills typically take 15-20 minutes. These times can vary depending on the season and time of day (note: high pressure cylinders 3300-3500psi will naturally take more time.) We have 8 air fill whips and 4 nitrox fill whips and can readily fill multiple tanks at the same time.

Air Prices

Air Fills
Single Air Fill $5
Single SCBA Air Fill $7
Single Nitrox Fill $11
Air Card (Includes 10 Fills) $40
Nitrox Air Card (Includes 10 Fills) $100

Cylinders to be filled with compressed air or nitrox are required to have a current and valid visual inspection sticker or nitrox visual inspection sticker on the tank as well as a current and valid hydrostatic test as required by DOT regulations.

Additionally, nitrox tanks must have a nitrox wrap sticker on the tank itself, designating it as a nitrox cylinder. Nitrox cylinders can be filled 28%-36% depending upon the customer's preference.


We use high-quality, robust equipment from Aqualung and Scubapro for all of our rental equipment. Rentals are meticulously maintained; regulators and BCDs are serviced on a regular basis by some of the best technicians in the industry.

Everything is bench tested just prior to the customer hand-off in order to ensure proper working order on the equipment. Please note, due to the highly personal nature of snorkeling gear, we do not rent out masks, fins, or snorkels.

Please note: proof of scuba certification is required for rentals. If you plan on renting from us, please remember your certification card!

Rentals Price Chart

Rentals Per Day
Tank $12
Nitrox Tank $18
Regulator $15
Buoyancy Compensator (BCD) $15
Weight Belt (Includes weights) $5
Wetsuit $10
  • All rental prices are per-day
  • Tanks are typically a standard 80cu ft cylinder and come with one complimentary refill per tank per day of rental
  • Nitrox tanks are specially designated for nitrox and can be filled 28% - 38% premix at the customer's preference
  • Regulators come with a primary second stage, octopus, and a depth/pressure gauge
  • Weight belts include weight
  • All rentals are on a first come, first-served basis. No reservations. No refunds on unused equipment rentals

Rentals are genuine Aqualung and Scubapro gear.