XS-Foto GoMask Unframed

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  • Processional Scuba Diving Quality. No Plastic Camera Mount. Attach GoPro Camera to SOLID Stainless Steel Camera Mount
  • Includes Two Mask Straps; Traditional Silicone Strap and the New Neoprene GoStrap
  • Includes Stainless Steel CQR CoinScrew for Attachment of GoPro Camera
  • Quick and Secure attachment of all models of GoPro Cameras to the GoMask. Solid Stainless Steel GoPro Mount with Build-in Threads - No Nut Needed
  • High quality Everclear Glass Lenses

The GoMask un[framed] utilizes the most modern style of mask manufacturing. A true Frameless mask. No hard plastic frame and subframe that squeezes the skirt against the glass lens to seal out the water. Instead the glass lens is inserted into the mask skirt tooling.

During the silicone injection-molding process the glass is directly bonded to the mask skirt. Frameless masks pretty much eliminate the chance that the mask will develop leaks over time. Also the lack of a plastic frame allows for increased angle of visibility. The stainless steel camera mount is also directly attached to the mask skirt during the injection-molding process.

The camera mount is manufacture using a lost-wax casting process from 304 grade stainless steel. CNC machining finishes the part and adds threads so that no nut is needed when mounting the camera. Angled forward camera mount reduces interference with exhaust bubbles. The un[framed] GoMask provides excellent fit and visibility for most faces. Along with amazing is the downward vision.

Manufactured with tempered Everclear lens. This is high quality optical glass without the normal iron impurities (green tint) as most masks. No plastic, swiveling, quick-disconnect buckles on this mask.

Seasoned divers know that the buckles can be the weakest part of modern mask design. The un[framed] mask uses old school 304 grade stainless steel buckles with direct attachment to the skirt with 18-8 stainless bolts and nylock nuts. A deluxe neoprene mask strap with elastic woven webbing comes attached and a traditional silicone strap is also included. Also included is our solid stainless steel thumbscrew for the attachment of the camera. We call it the CQR Coinscrew, as it is designed to be tightened with a quarter.

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